Looking forward to 2021

Have you heard about our Cosmic Principles? Our Cosmic Principles define our most important relationships and guide us in everything we do, from soapmaking to peace-making. At the end of the year we always like to remind ourselves of these as we prepare for the new year ahead.  For 2021 we’d love to share our principles with you. Work hard! Grow Number one in Dr. Bronner’s Moral ABC: Work hard! Prosper! Learn, grow, improve. Success is the engine that makes... Continue Reading

Dr. Bronner’s Ultimate Eco-ho-ho Gift Guide

Why not replace candy canes with our organic and fairtrade Peppermint skincare this Christmas, to leave everyone in the family feeling tingly-fresh. With a wide range of eco-friendly gifts, here are the top picks for any stocking filler: Peppermint Pure-Castile Liquid Soap, 237ml for £8.19 The ultimate 18-in-1 use Pure-Castile Liquid Soap is great for just about any cleaning task from face, body, dishes, laundry, surface to pets! The concentrated formula made with organic and certified fair trade ingredients and... Continue Reading

Tips for Tossing Less

Everything we purchase gets thrown away eventually. Even family heirlooms. Even expensive furniture. Even the houses we live in. This is something we all should bear in mind at popular gift buying times like Christmas when we can get attracted to sometimes buy unnecessary goods. Here we give some of Lisa Bronner’s tips on reducing your trash whilst still enjoying the process of gift buying. Buy Less Consider if you really need that items.  Will it bring lasting joy and... Continue Reading

Christmas JOY

With 2020 somewhat of a turbulent year, here at Dr. Bronner’s we’re keen to spread as much Christmas joy as we can. To encourage kindness, whether it is to one another, local businesses, charities, the earth, animals, and even ourselves, this month we are launching our Christmas JOY campaign. Starting on the 13th November and in line with World Kindness Day, the JOY campaign will take place across social media and on our drbronners.co.uk site. Filled with exciting giveaways and... Continue Reading

How To: Protect Lips from the Colder Seasons

A hydrating lip balm is a handbag essential all year round but especially in the Autumn and winter when the cold, dry air can leave lips feeling chapped and sore. To help ease the pain of raw lips and protect the most delicate skin from the elements, try our Organic Lip Balm. Helping to protect lips against elements, such as cold, dry weather and the wind, the balm contains nourishing and organic beeswax. Also containing no synthetic ingredients, the balm... Continue Reading

Recycling Tips for Recycling week

This Recycling Week (21-27 September 2020), we are looking to Lisa Bronner for tips for Tossing Less. On her blog, Lisa points out that “everything we buy is trash and everything we purchase gets thrown away eventually. Even family heirlooms. Even expensive furniture. Even the houses we live in”. Changing our attitudes to our buying habits, will help us with recycling in the long run, so be sure to purchase mindfully before buying anything. For Lisa’s full post with all... Continue Reading

4 Reasons to Go Organic for September

Every year, Organic September makes a return to celebrate and raise awareness of the many benefits of organic products, food and farming. With more and more people seeking solutions to help restore nature, health, and a safe climate, becoming part of the organic movement can make a world of difference. Dr. Bronner’s is proud to be a family business committed to making socially and environmentally responsible products of the highest quality and donating profits to help make a better world... Continue Reading

Treat the Earth Like Home

For the remainder of August and into September, we are once again running the Treat the Earth Like Home marketing campaign to encourage best practices for hygiene and personal care when exploring nature and the great outdoors. Due to Covid-19 and restrictions on travel, UK holiday makers may be looking closer to home for their 2020 getaways, whether it’s escaping to one of our many national parks, camping on a beach or just taking a bit of time out to... Continue Reading

Best Make-up Brush Cleanser

We’ve just received the news that Dr. Bronner’s has won Best Makeup Brush Cleanser category in the Attracta Beauty Awards for our 18-IN-1 Baby-Mild Pure-Castile Liquid Soap. Founded by the highly respected Makeup Artist Attracta Courtney, and in media partnership with Glass Magazine, the awards focus on sharing the best beauty products which are vigorously tried and tested by an expert panel. Comprised of distinguished makeup, hair and nail artists along with influential industry experts, the panel tested the product... Continue Reading

Refresh with Dr Bronner’s

  This month we are celebrating two of our most popular Summer scents – Citrus and Peppermint. Popular due to their uplifting and cooling properties, ‘Refresh with Dr Bronner’s celebrates the two invigorating scents, ideal for chilling out during balmier Summer days. Peppermint – our first-ever Dr. Bronner’s Soap scent – has been a long standing favourite amongst Dr. Bronner’s customers with its reputation for its unforgettable “cooling” sensation. The menthol in the peppermint oil activates cold-sensitive receptors in the... Continue Reading