What’s Your ‘Roman Empire’?

You may have seen the latest TikTok, trend of ‘What’s your Roman Empire’, a random thought that occurs to you far too often than some may care to admit.

Our ‘Roman Empire’ thought is all about ingredients, so what better time to take inspiration from the ancient civilisations, and discover the natural skincare ingredients that have stood the test of time? Most of which can still be found working their skin soothing magic in our All-One Magic Soaps!


Olive oil was a staple in ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian beauty rituals. It was used as a moisturiser for both the skin and hair. Greeks would also apply olive oil to their bodies and use it as a base for various cosmetics. Today it can be found as one of the key ingredients in Dr. Bronner’s All One Magic Soap, famous for it’s 18 in 1 uses.


The Romans were passionate about perfumes and scented oils! They used a variety of natural fragrances, such as rose and lavender, in their perfumes and oils for both personal fragrance and skincare. Today, Dr. Bronner’s best-selling scent in the UK is their Lavender, infused with organic Lavender essential oils – one of the original Dr. Bronner’s soap scents still reigning strong!


Ancient civilisations in India used Coconut Oil for various grooming practices and in Ayurvedic medicine; in fact, it has been used by civilizations around the world for centuries wherever coconut palms were native or cultivated. Now, it’s one of our most loved natural beauty ingredients you’ll still find it as an important moisturising element in Dr. Bronner’s Magic soap.

Let us know what your ‘Roman Empire’ is!