Go Large or Go Home (with soap)

Did you know the Daily Mail recently revealed a staggering increase in the prices of household cleaning products?! Some prices showed to soar by as much as 90 percent so considering these economic shifts, there’s never been a better time to explore alternative solutions to manage household cleaning costs!

We strongly believe the there’s no need to sacrifice on quality when it comes to finding more cost effective solutions. Not only that, but we also believe the solutions has to be buy multiple cheaper brands that result in excess packaging and more plastic in the home. Embracing the ethos of ‘less is more’, investing in a single product with multifaceted utility proves to be a simple yet impactful method of economising within the household. Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap represents this concept with its renowned 18-in-1 uses. As a concentrated soap, it can be diluted to create a range of cleaning solutions. For instance, it serves as:

Our Pure Castile Liquid Soap is available in a cost-effective 3.8L size (RRP £77.99), and offers unparalleled value for money, so much so we’ve done the maths for you!

Money saving ways to use 3.8L size of concentrated soap:

Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Pure-Castile Soap

£77.99 for 3.8L  

Makes 63 bottles of 32 oz. (1L) All-Purpose Housecleaning Spray.

Saving: £3.35

Makes 253 spray bottles of Window Cleaning Solution.

Saving: £4.96

Liquid Pure Castile Soap, Tea Tree – purchase here  – £77.99

For more information on Dr. Bronner’s 18 in 1 uses, please see the dilutions cheat sheet here.