Dr Bronner’s Gardening Tips

With the sun shining in the UK (and hopefully here to stay), now is the perfect time to get out in nature and enjoy taking care of the garden and its plants, especially as National Gardening Week approaches at the start of May! We source all of our major raw materials for its biodegradable, non-synthetic products from certified organic and fair-trade projects around the world, supporting thousands of smallholder farmers in Ghana (palm oil), Palestine and Israel (olive oil), Sri... Continue Reading

Growing palm oil the right way!

It’s not what you grow but how you grow it that counts! Large scale conventional palm plantations are a disaster for the environment and for the communities that farm them. Unfortunately dropping palm oil from a formulation does not solve the underlying issues – palm oil can easily be replaced with another commodity that is similarly produced without regard for native ecologies or human rights. The real work is in finding ways to produce ALL of our raw materials –... Continue Reading

Put a spring in your step!

Spring is known as the season of life, with plants and blooms bursting into colour after the cold winters. Now the UK is warming up, we’re looking at some our floral scents to help put a spring in your step! Lavender Range: And calm. This relaxing and peaceful fragrance soothes both the mind and body with its pure French lavender extract. A nostalgic scent that has been enjoyed and passed down through generations. The liquid and bar soaps are ideal... Continue Reading

Interview with Gero Leson for Fair Trade Fortnight

We were incredibly lucky to be joined by Gero Leson the vice President of Special operations at Dr. Bronner’s on Instagram Live at the start of Fair Trade Fortnight to hear about the work he does. Watch our conversation with Gero at the link here! We had a few technical difficulties, but we popped the whole interview into this blog post so you can read about the work he’s been doing: Steph – Hi Gero! Please could introduce yourself and... Continue Reading

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Whether you’re looking to embrace your own inner connection and lean into more self-love or celebrate your love with a partner, we have the perfect gift for any occasion this Valentine’s Day! A self-love bath: Cherry Blossom Liquid Soap There’s nothing more calming than a relaxing bath. Shutting out the outside world can really help ground and centre you. For a truly magical experience, try a self-love ritual using our Cherry Blossom Liquid Castile Soap (RRP from £8.49). Turn the... Continue Reading

Refillable Beauty with Dr. Bronner’s

Did you know that each year, around 120 billion units of packaging are produced every year by the beauty industry? While these figures are slowly deteriorating as the sustainable movement takes more shape year on year, we must remember: it’s not just about the changes just a brand makes to their products, but also people being more eco-conscious in their consumption. As we enter this new year, it has actually never been easier to make sustainable swaps to your beauty... Continue Reading

Sustainable period habits to pick up in 2022

Did you know that it takes one tampon longer to deteriorate than the lifespan of the woman who wears it for just a matter of hours? And on average, one woman will wear up to 11,000 single-use tampons in her lifetime so that’s almost 200kg of waste ending up in landfill or beaches. As one of the least obvious and spoken about sources of single-use plastic, the figures surrounding period products can seem shocking but from simple swaps to long... Continue Reading

How to have an eco-friendly Christmas

With Christmas now just weeks away, we wanted to remind you that having a sustainable festive season is as important as ever. That’s why Lisa Bronner has pulled together her best tips on how to go all out for Christmas whilst keeping things green. From opting for an eco-tree and decorating it sustainably, to cleaning the kitchen post-Christmas dinner in a planet friendly manner… Tip one: eat local and cut back on festive food waste! Most root vegetable winter favourites... Continue Reading

Dr. Bronner’s Christmas Gift Guide

Supporting eco-conscious brands this Christmas has never been more important, and better yet, it’s never been easier. Every swap this festive season, however big or small, will help to make a positive impact on our environment. So, here is some inspiration for the Dr. Bronner’s gifts that will make your loved ones feel special this season without costing the earth. Peppermint Range – RRP from £3.75, available on www.drbronner.co.uk Go candy cane crazy this Christmas with our Peppermint Range. Cooling,... Continue Reading

World Kindness Day

13th November marks World Kindness Day, and after the past couple of years and the #BeKind movement, its safe to say that we could all use a little more kindness in our lives! We are incredibly proud to support some fantastic organisations in the UK that are dedicated to helping the welfare of others, animals and the environment. We asked our three All-One partners what kindness meant to them, and think they came up with some fantastic answers that we... Continue Reading