Bar Soap Travel Hacks

Packing light is a skill many wish to master. Afterall, it can save money on additional luggage costs, cut down on wastage, and make room in suitcases for souvenirs and keepsakes. Whilst there are many packing techniques for clothes to cut down space, chunkier toiletries that come in plastic are harder to condense, and miniature travel bottles can be incredibly expensive! Lisa Bronner details her savvy toiletry packing secrets, revealing that the ultimate way to reduce cosmetic luggage is with... Continue Reading

Finding the Right Scent to Suit Your Skin

Everyone’s skin is unique. What gives one-person radiant, glowing skin might cause irritation for another, so selecting the right products for each person’s skin can involve trial and error. Our Pure Castile Liquid Soaps, have many wonderful and different scents that can influence how they affect the skin. Whilst our soaps are not specifically formulated for certain skin conditions, they may offer benefits in some cases. “True soaps” Are traditionally crafted from a blend of fatty acids and alkali salts,... Continue Reading

Step Up for Refill with City to Sea

Ahead of World Refill Day, on Tuesday 11th June, the Dr. Bronner’s team met up with our partners City to Sea in a London park, as we headed out on a walk to call for change and action on refillable products. Starting with a mindful walking meditation to get us in the mood, we walked through the streets of London and stopped at three of the UK’s leading political party headquarters to deliver City to Sea’s message in a bottle.... Continue Reading

Bronner Haus is officially open!

Dr. Bronner’s are very pleased to announce we opened The Bronner Haus & Museum on the 29th May 2024 in Laupheim, Germany. Celebrating with locals from the town there was an official ribbon cutting ceremony, and a traditional band playing as we switched on the lights that read ALL-ONE – our companies mission from the very start. The Bronner Haus is the ancestral home of the HeilBronner family, and the place where the family business of soap making began in... Continue Reading

How To Clean Your Bin Caddy With Lisa Bronner

You may have noticed as the weather gets warmer, our compostable food waste kitchen caddies tend to get a little smelly, with the humid conditions making them the perfect breeding ground for pests. Have no fear! US based Environmental Group The Solana Center conducted a caddy cleaning experiment for preventing odours after holding food waste for a span of time, championing Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint soap as an all natural remedy. Cleaning Your Food Scraps Caddy with Lisa Bronner Here’s Lisa... Continue Reading

Why No Fluoride?

Fluoride free toothpaste

One of the questions we get asked a lot is why our toothpastes contain no fluoride, so we thought we’d break it down for you! Found in lots of toothpastes, fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral found in many foods and water and is used in some toothpastes as it can help strengthen teeth and reduce the risk of cavities. We choose not to use fluoride in our toothpastes as it has been linked to skin irritation, gastrointestinal problems and... Continue Reading

HEAL EARTH 2024: Truly Regenerative versus “Regen-washing”

As we come to the end of another of another successful HEAL EARTH campaign, we wanted to highlight some of the interesting resources that the Bronner’s team have been circulating around the topic of Regenerative Agriculture. As the awareness around this brilliant farming and sustainable technique gains momentum, some corporations are seeing this as a new eco buzz word, and many consumers are becoming victim to the next phase of Green Washing marketing, which is “Regen-washing”. In a blog post... Continue Reading

Use This, Not That

In today’s world, where health, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness are top concerns, revolutionising your cleaning routine becomes not just a choice but a necessity. Enter Lisa Bronner, renowned expert in green cleaning and advocate for holistic living. Lisa reveals a game-changing approach to household cleaning, leveraging the power of simplicity, and sustainability. Lisa Bronner’s method centres around one key product, our Pure-Castile Magic Soap. This versatile solution, coupled with everyday ingredients like white vinegar, baking soda, and lemons, compose a complete... Continue Reading

Why Our Baby Unscented Soap is All you need to Spring Clean this season!

Last year marked a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to transparency, safety, and sustainability: over 30 of our products received EWG verification in the UK! This milestone highlights our dedication to providing you and your family with products you can trust! One of the highlighted products in this verification is our beloved Baby Mild soap, perfect for families and babies. Crafted with plant-based ingredients and free from synthetic additives and artificial fragrances, our Baby Unscented soap offers gentle yet... Continue Reading

We are winners of the Marie Claire Prix d’Excellence de la Beauté Awards!

On Monday 4th March, we were invited to attend the Marie Claire Prix d’Excellence de la Beauté Awards 2024 at the Corinthia hotel in London, and were delighted to go home as winners of the ‘Beauty Gives Back’ award at the prestigious event. The Marie Claire Prix d’Excellence de la Beauté Awards is the crème de la crème of beauty awards. This global initiative celebrates the industry’s most ground-breaking achievements from the previous calendar year. The shortlist is editorially selected... Continue Reading