Best Buy

Dr. Bronner’s have had a very successful few months with award-winning season and we are thrilled to announce two awards have been won in the much coveted Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards. Celebrating the best in natural beauty for the whole family, the categories for the awards range from Skincare, Dental, Men’s Products to Body and Bath. Each entry is judged by an independent panel of beauty experts who test the products and write about their experiences. With award winners... Continue Reading

Travel with a Conscience

With Summer just around the corner, many people are starting to gather their travel essentials but why not reduce your use of plastic this Summer with multi-use products? Dr. Bronner’s Organic Hand Sanitizer is the perfect on-the-go companion, serving many purposes all in one. Primarily used as a hand sanitizer, the spray kills germs, viruses and bacteria in a natural and safe way. Containing none of the nasty chemicals found in conventional sanitizers, there is no compromise on effectiveness and... Continue Reading

Award winning

We are pleased to announce Dr Bronner’s has won two lifestyle accolades in the Beauty Shortlist & Wellbeing Awards 2019. The UK’s biggest independent beauty awards are entirely ad and sponsor free, enabling a panel of expert judges to recognise excellent brands with integrity. Up against many others in fierce competition, Dr Bronner’s successfully secured a win in the Beauty Awards and another in the Wellbeing Awards. For the second year running, the Beauty Awards saw the Pure Castile liquid... Continue Reading

Heal Earth With Dr. Bronner’s #Earthhealer

Heal Earth with Dr Bronner's

This April, Dr. Bronner’s launches its international campaign ‘Heal Earth!’ in the UK, releasing a limited number of ‘Heal Earth!’ labelled Lavender pure castile liquid soaps. These soaps will be available for you to purchase from our larger retailers including Wholefoods and direct here on our website.  Follow us @Drbronnersuk on Instagram to become an #Earthhealer and keep updated on the movement. Heal Earth highlights the importance of regenerative farming practices that quite literally, heal the soil, allowing it to sequester... Continue Reading

World Oral Health Day: Go Toxin Free With Your Toothpaste

It’s World Oral Health Day on 20th March 2019, a day that prompts us to question the way we treat our mouths and teeth, plus the impact this might have on the rest of our body. So many of us choose to avoid harmful chemicals and toxins in our diets, yet brush our teeth with chemical-packed toothpastes twice a day, 365 days a year. Conventional toothpastes tend to contain toxic ingredients like fluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate, triclosan and diethanolamine, all... Continue Reading

The King of Soaps

With sustainability on everybody’s mind, our organic and fair trade bar soaps have been attracting lots of awesome attention.  We were therefore hugely pleased this month to appear on one of the nation’s favourite television programmes, This Morning. We watched as Phillip Schofield and Rochelle Humes got their hands clean alongside Sarah Jossel, Beauty Director at the Sunday Times Style, who talked the presenting duo through her pick of the best bar soaps on the market. Describing Dr. Bronner’s as ‘the king... Continue Reading

Change The World With Your Beauty Cabinet

Make this your most eco-conscious year yet in three simple steps with Dr. Bronner’s. Start by making these simple changes to your beauty cabinet which, if undertaken by everyone in the UK, would have a big impact on the environment.             Now more than ever, it is vital for people to try and turn back the clock on global warming to help reduce the impact of humankind on the world around us. As Dr. Bronner’s... Continue Reading

Palm Oil Explained

Dr Bronner's Palm Oil Explained

Palm oil has been hotly discussed this year, and 2018 has seen some big retailers opting out of using palm oil altogether. Shoppers may be concerned about buying products that contain palm oil and may even think of palm oil as a cruel, unethical ingredient that is fundamentally unsustainable. However, as our CEO (Cosmic Engagement Officer) David Bronner puts it, “Any crop can be grown sustainably or unsustainably, and palm is no exception.” Palm oil itself is not an unethical... Continue Reading

All-One Roasted Beet Salad

A Hearty, Filling Salad We love salads that are hearty enough to serve as a main course—salads that provide complete and balanced nutrition—salads that can satisfy a whole family! Though this All-One Roasted Beet Salad can always be served as part of a larger meal, it has everything it needs to stand on its own. A good salad is a mix of textures and flavors. Here, the roasted beets lend an earthy, soft sweetness—the walnuts provide a crunchy depth—the vegan... Continue Reading

Dr. Bronner’s for Acne-Prone Skin

Will Dr. Bronner’s help clear my skin? For anyone who suffers from acne a common question is: will this product or skincare regimen help me? I wish I could say with certainty that Dr. Bronner’s will help you—and although we have seen and received literally hundreds of testimonials from people saying that Dr. Bronner’s has helped them with their acne, we are also aware that it doesn’t work for everyone. If you’re reading this article then you probably know that... Continue Reading