Why everyone needs a Dr. Bronner’s Hand Hygiene Spray

While a proper hand wash with soap and water should be your go-to, a good hand sanitiser when you are out and about can give you the same results. And as we’re entering this new normality and are mostly back on-the-go, we all need a dependable substitute for those times when we don’t have soap and water handy. Enter: Dr. Bronner’s Hand Hygiene Spray!

A great way to disinfect between hand washes, our Hand Hygiene Sprays are available in two scents: calming lavender or fresh peppermint. Coming in an easy-to-use bottle, just a couple of sprays and your hands will instantly be fresh and clean. Thanks to the moisture-retaining glycerin, these sprays target bacteria without leaving hands dry or greasy like some other conventional hand sanitisers. Vegan and World Fair Trade Organisation and B Corporation Certified, the organic formula features 62% ethanol, effectively ridding up to 99% of germs.

As you may be aware, all our products are multi tasking and the Hand Hygiene Spray is no exception.  These sprays double up as make up brush cleaners, air fresheners, pillow mists, deodorant and can even clean up mess made from little ones. A favourite amongst top tier beauty journalists, make up artists and even Paloma Faith & Meghan Markle, our sprays are an autumn and winter essential.

For the duration of October, we are offering 20% off our sprays to help you be hygiene ready during the colder seasons. Why not purchase yours now before the offer runs out!