Why Our Baby Unscented Soap is All you need to Spring Clean this season!

Last year marked a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to transparency, safety, and sustainability: over 30 of our products received EWG verification in the UK! This milestone highlights our dedication to providing you and your family with products you can trust!

One of the highlighted products in this verification is our beloved Baby Mild soap, perfect for families and babies. Crafted with plant-based ingredients and free from synthetic additives and artificial fragrances, our Baby Unscented soap offers gentle yet effective cleansing for delicate skin. Clinically tested for safety and purity, it upholds our ethos of promoting healthy skin while prioritising environmentally friendly practices.

Why use Dr. Bronner’s Soap instead of usual household cleaners to spring clean?

In a study, led by the EWG, 29 of 30 everyday household cleaners tested came back to reveal they released volatile compounds, or VOCs, that can be bad for our health when inhaled regularly. Of the 30 products tested,  only one did not release any VOCs when it was used and that product was our Dr Bronner’s pure-castile soap, unscented baby mild.

Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-1 Pure-Castile Soaps are good for just about any cleaning task. Whilst great for face, body and hair, this natural and organic soap is also good for food, dishes, laundry, mopping, pets & cleaning the home, with no synthetic preservatives, detergents or foaming agents.

With no added fragrance and double the olive oil, the Baby mild Unscented Pure-Castile Liquid Soap is good for sensitive skin & babies too, making it a great option for family friendly cleaning.

You can find some examples of how to clean with this soap here:

You can buy our Baby Unscented soap on our website here.

Here are some interesting highlights:

– Over 30 of Dr. Bronner’s products in the UK have achieved the prestigious EWG VERIFIED mark, showcasing our dedication to transparency and consumer safety.

– Under the leadership of Michael and David Bronner, we have established ourselves as a sustainable leader in the natural products industry, with certifications such as Natrue, USDA National Organic Program and Regenerative Organic Certified (ROC).

– Products with the EWG VERIFIED mark adhere to stringent criteria, robust ingredient standards, and transparency requirements, empowering you to make informed choices about consumer products.

We are committed to revolutionising the natural soap industry, prioritising your safety, the health of your family, and the well-being of our planet every step of the way. Join us in embracing clean, transparent, and effective skincare solutions.