Three Ways to Have a Sustainable Halloween this year with Dr. Bronner’s

While one of the most enjoyable holidays of the year for some, Halloween can be expensive, wasteful and harmful to the planet. But it doesn’t have to be! Here are some simple yet eerie-sistable tips on how to avoid the environmental cost of the spookiest season…

Use Liquid Castile Soap to Wash your Pumpkin

The most important part of Halloween: Pumpkin Carving. First things first, buying pumpkins in an ethical way. For the lowest carbon footprint, head to a local pumpkin patch and if possible, go for an organically grown one. Now to wash it with our trusty Liquid Castile Soap. We’d recommend opting for an autumnal scent and coloured bottle to get you in the mood, try citrus, tea tree or eucalyptus. Washing a pumpkin before carving will keep it from drying out, make it last longer and make it easier to carve out. Mix 1 tbsp of your preferred scent with 1 litre of water and pour into a clean spray bottle. Lightly spray the inside of the pumpkin to slow the decomposition process and significantly extend its life. Don’t forget to use the insides for soups, breads, pies and for extra zero-waste points, roast the pumpkin seeds with a dash of oil and salt for a healthy snack. Once Halloween has been and gone, if possible, be sure to compost pumpkins or pop them in the food waste bin.

Care for your (Fake) Tattoos with Organic Balm

Who doesn’t love a stick-on tattoo around Halloween time? Just like permanent tattoos, it’s important to wash and care for fake tattoos in the correct way, especially to ensure they last the night. We have always been prized for our tattoo aftercare and stick-on designs are no different. Applying our Organic Balm over the tattoo will ensure it stays bright all night and thanks to the coconut oil and jojoba oil, it’s an effective moisturiser that’s gentle on the skin, keeping the tattoo in place. The avocado and olive oils in our balm also help keep the skin smooth and supple while evening out any bumps from (what can be a tricky) application. Once the fun’s over and it’s time to clean the fake tattoos off, removal works best with our Baby Unscented Liquid Soap as it doesn’t irritate the skin. Once the area is dry, go in again with our organic balm to soften the area!

Organic toothbrushing post sugar rush

Trick or treating or not, most people will be feasting on some Halloween treats one way or another. While (very) enjoyable at the time, it’s no secret that sugar can be damaging towards the teeth. Well, toothbrushing just got a whole lot better with our All-One Toothpaste. Available in two flavours, our toothpastes contain no artificial preservatives, colours or sweeteners and they are fluoride-free. Making them ideal for young children who are sure to go candy crazy at this time of year!