Meet the All-One Advocates

At Dr. Bronner’s, we are honoured to have the most amazing All-One community which is happy to share our ethos of living a fair, sustainable and more ethical life.

This year, we have chosen four of our followers who we think embody Dr. Bronner’s for a variety of reasons to become Dr. Bronner’s UK advocates. These individuals are genuine fans of Dr. Bronner’s and aligned to our mission, so we hope you will join us in following them and learning a little bit about their way of life, whether it is making more sustainable day to day steps, or doing your bit for environmental change.

Please meet…..

Emma Ross AKA Mamalinauk

Emma lives in London with her young family, where she endeavours to live a slower more sustainable lifestyle. Recognising that parenting and children’s items can open a wealth of environmental issues, Emma is a great role model for her young children and other parents who might be looking to tackle parenthood with a more sustainable outlook. From reusable nappies to gentler household cleaning items, Emma leads the way when it comes to greener parenting.


Fran Hounsom

Fran is a TV and Film makeup artist who aims to use natural and sustainable products as much as possible when on set. When she is not travelling the world for work, she lives in Leigh-on-Sea in Essex where she regularly surfs and writes about her favourite finds in the beauty industry. Recognising that her kit needs to cater to the masses, she loves vegan and cruelty free brands that can be enjoyed by all. Not only this, but she believes embracing your natural beauty is key, and encourages her followers to shy away from fuller coverage looks.



Emmy Erskine – AKA The Greener Guru

Emmy lives in Northern Ireland and recognises that when choosing to live a greener life it becomes hard to know what swaps we should make and what items are best to buy. Emmy provides educational yet practical solutions and advice to make that process easier for her followers and shares her thoughts as she goes. Emmy has also created The Greener Lifestyle Box, a monthly box that supports local businesses in the UK and Ireland by sourcing contents from small makers that are eco-friendly, vegan and cruelty free, allowing access to those who may not know where to start.


Kezia Neusch AKA The Whole Food Diary

Kezia lives in rural West Sussex with her husband, two kids, baby bump, 16 laying hens and a hive of bees. Learning to live off the land and creating delicious meals, Kezia creates mouth-watering recipes that can be enjoyed by the whole family, and gives tips on how to be less wasteful with food, more economically driven and more mindful about the way we consume food, whether it’s growing your own or foraging from the land.