Dr. Bronner’s Celebrates Heal Earth! Campaign

This April, the UK is joining Dr. Bronner’s partners worldwide for the return of its international ‘Heal Earth’ campaign which highlights the importance of regenerative farming practices.

Based in Southern California and distributed in more than 40 countries worldwide, the company is committed to honouring the vision of its founder, Emanuel Bronner, by continuing to make socially and environmentally responsible products of the highest quality, and by dedicating all profits not needed for business to progressive causes and charities.

Through promotions on the UK website and activity on the Dr. Bronner’s UK Instagram, we’ll be informing and educating on the collective need to “Heal Earth!”

As a company that has built sustainability throughout its supply chain, Dr. Bronner’s sources all of its major raw materials for its biodegradable, non-synthetic products from certified organic and fair trade projects around the world, supporting thousands of smallholder farmers, including from Ghana (palm oil), Palestine and Israel (olive oil), Sri Lanka (coconut oil). The company’s commitment to its fair trade and organic supply chain is demonstrated through working directly with the farmers to increase knowledge and skills for implementation of regenerative organic agriculture, which are carbon-sequestering farming practices such as minimal tillage, diverse crop rotation, composting, and cover cropping – while supporting the wellbeing and economic vitality of their communities.

The urgency on protecting the environment, particularly our oceans, has been highlighted most recently by Netflix’s new documentary Seaspiracy.

Sea Shepherd, a non-profit marine wildlife conservation organization, is the focus of the documentary with emphasis placed on how they are safeguarding the biodiversity of the delicately balanced ocean ecosystems.

In 2017, Dr. Bronner’s was proud to support the Sea Shepherd organisation by donating  a new ship named MV Emanuel Bronner, to support wildlife protection in the Baltic Sea.

Dr. Bronner’s President, Mike Bronner and grandson of Emanuel Bronner says “The more I’ve gotten to know the amazing individuals involved in this organisation, the more I’ve understood that the soul and mission of Dr. Bronner’s and Sea Shepherd is All-One!  Motivated by a mutual concern and compassion for the environment and wildlife, both organisations hold a deep belief in the power and responsibility of individuals to take direct action to right the wrongs of the world.”

This year, the Heal Earth campaign is also designed to support all our charity partners that work in animal advocacy, Surge Activism, environmental sustainability, Less Plastic, social justice, Emmaus Brighton and Compassion In World Farming, animal welfare.