How To Clean Your Bin Caddy With Lisa Bronner

You may have noticed as the weather gets warmer, our compostable food waste kitchen caddies tend to get a little smelly, with the humid conditions making them the perfect breeding ground for pests. Have no fear! US based Environmental Group The Solana Center conducted a caddy cleaning experiment for preventing odours after holding food waste for a span of time, championing Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint soap as an all natural remedy.

Cleaning Your Food Scraps Caddy with Lisa Bronner

Here’s Lisa Bronner’s recipe on how you can keep your kitchen food scraps caddy fresh with Dr. Bronner’s Soap!

Preventing Odours and Residue

  • Spray empty kitchen caddy generously with GIY All Purpose Cleaning Spray.
  • Fill the kitchen caddy with food scraps as usual.

Treating Odours and Residue

  • Empty kitchen caddy and rinse with water.
  • Fill the kitchen caddy with water (use near-boiling water to dislodge sticky residue).
  • Add a squirt (1⁄2 tsp.) Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap. Let sit for ~10 minutes. Empty kitchen caddy–no need to rinse!
  • Fill the kitchen caddy with food scraps as usual.

Solana Center is proud to provide Dr. Bronner’s soaps as an affordable and biodegradable solution to make organic waste sorting at home easier and more palatable for all. Our mission is to empower innovative solutions to climate change through education, community engagement, and research.