Why we should all be showering together!

Festival season is over for yet another year… but some of the quirky antics and experiences that we enjoyed don’t have to be, and if there’s one thing that we can learn from this season’s free-spirited festi-goers, it’s that showering together is usually way more fun and truly allows people to connect on a deeper level.

Originating from our annual camp appearance at Burning Man, you may all know that here at Dr. Bronner’s, we are the original creator of the group wash: The All-One Magic Foam Experience, A.K.A ‘Foam Against The Machine’.

Leaving people feeling refreshed, squeaky clean and all kinds of tingly, this exhilarating foam ‘shower’ combines a simple mix of our best-selling organic soap, water, and compressed air, for a truly magical, completely safe, and biodegradable experience. Before entering the tent for this intimate, yet non-sexual experience, Burners are encouraged to meet, hug, and talk about their boundaries – or bathroom if trying this DIY experience at home!

Inside the tent, Burners line a large plastic dance floor with a DJ playing calming, happy and grounding music to help put them at ease. As they move and groove to the beat, there are large foaming hoses towering above washing down the dust and debris from the desert, to leave them rejuvenated.

What the people say:

  • “The clean hugs afterward are the happiest hugs”
  • “I felt reborn”
  • “When you’re in the Foam Party, it doesn’t matter who you are or what status, you’re just an equal”
  • “The best way to bond, love and grow”

Tempted, aren’t you? Don’t worry, you don’t have to wait until next year to get involved. Instead, simply purchase a bottle of our Magic Soap (we recommend Peppermint, RRP from £9.69), fill the tub (or lay out a slide in the garden if weather allows), get playful with your friends, partners, or family, and recreate one of Burning Man’s most popular experiences in the comfort of your own home! And you’ll even save water, money and energy while at it. Pair with this Burning Man Spotify Playlist for the full experience 😉

As with all of our experiential marketing over traditional advertising, we don’t advertise our presence to Burners during the festival, but rather allow them to find it by word of mouth or chance.

Dr. Bronner’s also provides this foam experience at mud-runs, beach parties, pride parades, homeless shelters, and for disadvantaged youth at afterschool programmes across the San Diego county.