Meet our New All-One Partners – City to Sea!

Dr. Bronner’s UK is delighted to welcome another fantastic organisation into part of its All-One initiative! Meet City to Sea, an environmental organisation, campaigning to stop plastic pollution at source. Impressed by the team’s proactive approach to plastic waste, we initially began supporting City to Sea as one of its UK All-One partners when City to Sea absorbed the organisation Less Plastic, which Dr. Bronner’s UK had supported in the UK previously.

Who are City to Sea

Founded in Bristol in 2015, by environmental campaigner Natalie Fee, City to Sea works with communities, businesses, and everyday activists around the world to provide practical solutions to the plastic problem in a fun way. Natalie had her plastic awakening in 2014 when she came across the trailer for the film Albatross and decided she had to do something about plastic pollution. Natalie had a full-time job in TV at the time, so set about getting City to Sea flowing in her spare time, initially with a crowdfunding campaign for a music video, followed by a series of ‘open space’ workshops in Bristol to get a sense of the scale of the problem locally.


City to Sea’s strategic approach is focused around Awareness, Accessibility and Action; creating awareness of the issues surrounding plastic and crucially highlighting the solutions, creating practical initiatives and working with communities, governments & businesses to make reusables more accessible and affordable, and inspiring and supporting individuals, communities, governments, and businesses to change their behaviour and take action.

City to Sea’s impactful programs include Refill the award-winning campaign and app which shows users in a handy map format where they can find free drinking water and other places to eat, drink and shop with less waste. They are also behind the #SwitchtheStick campaign, fighting the war against plastic cotton bud sticks, Plastic Free Periods and Rethink Periods, an education programme designed to challenge conventional period education and empower women when it comes to what they put in the bodies, as well as World Refill Day and a number of successful public awareness and political advocacy campaigns.

City to Sea’s latest campaign is a petition asking all supermarkets to remove all unnecessary plastic packaging from fruit and veg to stop waste. With the petition City to Sea will take the signatures to supermarkets as evidence of public demand and push them to accelerate the transition to packaging-free produce.


You can sign the petition here: