Introducing Dr. Bronner’s 2020 All- One Partners

We’re proud to announce our new All-One UK Initiative for 2021. The initiative seeks to ensure mission-aligned advocacy is supported by the markets that Dr. Bronner’s sells its products in, which is at the heart of the company’s continuing global growth and expansion. Through this initiative, at a minimum, 1% of Dr. Bronner’s sales to the UK market each year will be donated to local advocacy efforts in support of social justice, animal advocacy, and environmental sustainability.

Please meet our three UK partners below:

Emmaus Brighton
Emmaus supports people to work their way out of homelessness, provide purpose as well as a stable home for as long as someone needs it. In the past 22 years Emmaus Brighton & Hove has provided a unique solution to combatting homelessness to over 1,200 Companions (residents) many of whom have complex needs. Each Companion has an individual bedroom with TV and lives in the Community with all meals provided in a communal dining room and normal living expenses are covered. Each receives a weekly charitable allowance to pay for any extras. One of the most important parts of the Emmaus ethos is Solidarity. This means working to help someone less fortunate than yourself. Acts of Solidarity can vary from raising money for a charity that means a lot to the Companion or Community, to doing work to help someone in the wider local Community.

Less Plastic 

Less Plastic is a family-run, non-profit organisation based on the South Devon coast in the UK. The family spend a lot of time on the beach, but hate seeing the plastic rubbish that washes up with every tide. It was after one particularly bad storm, that the scale of plastic waste strewn across the entire beach saddened the family so much that they set up Less Plastic. After learning how to use less plastic as a family they have developed information and practical tips to help others to reduce their plastic waste too.

Surge Activism

Founded in 2016, Surge is a grassroots animal rights organisation determined to create a world where compassion towards all non-human animals is the norm. Raising awareness through campaigns, online content, educational programmes and investigative work, Surge is committed to positive community building, teamwork and the abolition of animal use, where all animals are free from human-inflicted oppression and violence. Surge focuses on vegan education, as they believe it is that through veganism that we’ll collectively end the oppression of non-human animals.


We’re so excited to be working with these partners this year, and look forward to help spreading the message about their projects. Do go and investigate our partners more and follow them on social media.