Plastic Free Travel Hacks with Dr. Bronner’s!

With summer officially in full swing, we wanted to remind you of some of the best travel hacks using our iconic All-One Magic Bar Soaps – plastic free and totally affordable too!

At just £6.39 per bar (or only £5.11 throughout July with an exclusive 20% off offer online for Plastic Free July!), a multitude of uses, and a whopping nine scents, our bar soap really is any travel-goers best friend throughout the peak travel season. See below just some of the reasons why:

  1. Travel friendly sizing: compactly designed to fit into any wash bag, the bar soap can be chopped into smaller segments so no matter how much room you have left for toiletries, you can always have a piece of this bar with you!
  2. Refreshing scents: from the soothing Tea Tree ideal for washing sun creamy skin and avoiding breakouts, to the fruity burst of Citrus, there are a range of scents perfect for the summer season. Peppermint being an absolute favourite, famous worldwide for its cooling properties on the skin in the hot months, as shown by this viral TikTok video!
  3. Freshens up suitcases: going on a long-haul flight and worried your case might not be smelling it’s freshest upon arrival? Tuck a bar soap slice unwrapped into your luggage, and you can bet your clothing and belongings will be smelling fresh all holiday long!
  4. Pretreat fabric stains: we can all get a little carried away on holiday which could result in some clumsiness (sangria stains we’re looking at you) but sometimes, washing our clothes isn’t as easy as at home in the UK. Fear not, a trusty slice of Dr. Bronner’s Bar Soap can pretreat any fabric stains, just rub onto the affected area with a dash of water and get ready for a proper wash once home!
  5. Only one product needed for all your washing purposes: whether it’s washing your hair and body after a long day in the sunshine or arriving home after a lovely dinner and needing to take off your make up, with this Bar Soap by your side, travellers only need one product for all their holiday needs. No bulky toiletry bag slowing you down in the security queue!


How else have you used yours? Let us know in the comments!