Fair pay today: good for business—good for us all!

Throughout 2016, Dr. Bronner’s—together with Business for a Fair Minimum Wage, The Fairness Project, and other leading natural product manufacturers—used in-store education, social media and product packaging to raise consumer support for federal and state initiatives to raise the minimum wage. In all, Dr. Bronner’s devoted well over $500,000 to minimum wage ballot efforts in 2016.

A higher minimum wage is not only the right thing to do for millions of hard-working Americans (today’s outdated minimum wage doesn’t even cover the basics), it also makes good business sense. Higher minimum wages boost the consumer buying power that businesses and communities depend on to thrive. Businesses also benefit from lower employee turnover, and increased productivity, product quality and customer satisfaction.


Raising the minimum wage will benefit us all by:

  • Helping the economy: Workers who earn more spend more, putting money back into the economy.
  • Reducing income inequality: Workers will earn a greater share of the corporate profits that now go disproportionately to shareholders and top executives.
  • Not leading to job loss: The most rigorous research shows that raising the minimum wage has no significant effect on employment.
  • Boosting small businesses: When large corporations no longer pay poverty wages, it levels the playing field for smaller businesses who invest in their employees and communities.
  • Ending corporate welfare: U.S. taxpayers are now bearing the cost for employers not paying a living wage – most minimum wage workers rely on public assistance to make ends meet.


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