Beauty hacks using Dr. Bronner’s!

Some popular questions that we all want answers too before summer hits often include ‘how can I make my fake tan last longer?’ Or ‘how do people make their brows look SO fluffy?’ Over the years, Dr. Bronner’s has heard back from many of its customers on its 18 in 1 uses, with more of them discovering handy uses for the soap every day. Now, Dr Bronner’s is delighted to say that they can help remedy some of these boggling beauty questions, so read on if you want to know more…

Making your spray tan last:

Recently, professional spray tan artist Jessica Rae says that she swears by our Baby Unscented Liquid Soap to get the most out of fake tan and suggests the same to her clients (here).

As an organic and natural soap, washing with our Baby Unscented for at least a week before applying can help prolong the glow. Jessica recommends also exfoliating with a mitt and the soap a day or two before application as this will gently remove any dead skin cells and create a nice base for the tan to sit.

The fragrance-free soap can also help lock in moisture post application and keep skin in the best condition to hold the tan. After 24 hours of leaving the tan to develop, Jessica suggests going back in with the soap for your first post-tan wash to soothe skin and keep it nourished.

Here’s to having a long-lasting natural glow all summer!

For fluffy brows:

FYI soap brows are still trending, and our bar soap is perfect for getting that fluffy look! As a great way to frame the eyes, simply find a reusable spoolie, wet one and rub on our bar soaps (we recommend Cherry Blossom for that nice floral scent!) and brush brows into place. This hack is guaranteed to keep your brows in place all day AND night long, no matter what you’re doing!

If you’re struggling to achieve the look, then try following our tutorial reel here!

To wash make up brushes:

If you’re always putting off cleaning your make-up brushes, don’t worry! Things just got a whole lot easier with this simple hack using your favourite Dr. Bronner’s scent!

Powerful enough to cut through any dried make-up residue but still gentle enough to not damage the brushes, our pure castile soaps are perfect for giving your brushes a much-needed refresh! Clean make up brushes will keep skin in the best condition and avoid any unknown bacteria ending up on the face.

Which hacks have you discovered while using your Dr. Bronner’s products? We’d love to know!