Growing palm oil the right way!

It’s not what you grow but how you grow it that counts! Large scale conventional palm plantations are a disaster for the environment and for the communities that farm them. Unfortunately dropping palm oil from a formulation does not solve the underlying issues – palm oil can easily be replaced with another commodity that is similarly produced without regard for native ecologies or human rights.

The real work is in finding ways to produce ALL of our raw materials – including palm oil – in a way that honours the land and its people! Done right, palm oil can be among the most sustainable oils in the world – nurturing animals, people, communities and the environment.

We work with palm farmers to implement regenerative organic practices – increasing biodiversity, enriching the soil and helping combat climate change!

Serendipalm: fair trade & organic palm oil from the ground up!

Care for flora & fauna!

  • Farmers oil palm orchards are small, intercropped with other tree spaces
  • Creates habit for birds, insects, snakes and small mammals
  • No destruction of rainforest or other wildlife habitats
  • Oil palms are planted only on land previously used for agriculture and agroforestry

Care for the soil & air!

  • No burning of forests for clearing
  • Use of cover cropping, mulching and other regenerative organic practices
  • No use of pesticides, herbicides or other synthetic fertilisers in orchards

Fair to farmers and farm workers!

  • Exclusively supports around 600 smallholder family farmers – no large plantations
  • Fair prices paid – about 10% above local market prices
  • Training and support offered to improve family farmlands

Fair to mill workers!

  • Mill workers paid significantly above minimum wage and 15% to 20% above prevailing local wages with overtime pay
  • Benefits include vacation and sickness leave, maternity leave and contributions to retirement funds
  • Healthy and safe working conditions
  • Investment in local communities through infrastructure, health & educational projects – no exploitation of indigenous cultures

Palm oil is a hard-working ingredient and gives our soap bars their hardness. It balances the lathering power of coconut oil while keeping the soap from softening and dissolving too quickly. It produces more oil per hectare than any other crop, making it an excellent crop for sustainable practices.