Put a spring in your step!

Spring is known as the season of life, with plants and blooms bursting into colour after the cold winters. Now the UK is warming up, we’re looking at some our floral scents to help put a spring in your step!

Lavender Range:

And calm. This relaxing and peaceful fragrance soothes both the mind and body with its pure French lavender extract. A nostalgic scent that has been enjoyed and passed down through generations. The liquid and bar soaps are ideal for a floral shower, while the body lotion allows people to take the calming scent with them long after a wash. Not to mention the hand hygiene spray which perfect for on-the-go hygiene and can double up as a deodorant!

Rose Range:

For a delicate and comforting scent, this citrusy rose is ideal for a morning shower. Show an appreciation for mother nature, earth and all of its inhabitants as Rose is the scent of love after all! With notes of lavender and bergamot, hints of sweetness will come through with every lather, whether using the liquid or bar soap.

Cherry Blossom Range:

Half cherry, half blossom and a whole lot of cheerful! This is a brightening scent with fruity, floral notes that is guaranteed to uplift anyone using it. Enchanting all of the senses, the liquid and bar soaps bring a fruity kick to wash time. Meanwhile the lip balm leaves lips feeling silky smooth thanks to the blend of organic beeswax and extra moisturising organic jojoba, avocado and hemp oils.

As with all of our products, each of these ranges are made with organic and certified fair-trade ingredients.