Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Whether you’re looking to embrace your own inner connection and lean into more self-love or celebrate your love with a partner, we have the perfect gift for any occasion this Valentine’s Day!

A self-love bath: Cherry Blossom Liquid Soap

There’s nothing more calming than a relaxing bath. Shutting out the outside world can really help ground and centre you. For a truly magical experience, try a self-love ritual using our Cherry Blossom Liquid Castile Soap (RRP from £8.49).

Turn the lights down low for a sense of peace, cleanse your space with some incense and set an intention for your bath time. Light some candles, pour in the soap and take in the floral aroma! As you bathe, speak romantic messages to each part of your body – you could even add some cherry blossom rose petals to really keep to the flower theme!



Try a couple’s sensual shower: Rose Soap Bar

If surroundings don’t allow for a bath, don’t worry, instead you can have a magical couples shower. Celebrate the love you have for each other (and yourselves) by incorporating our Hemp Rose Soap Bar (RRP £5.49) into your Valentine’s Day shower time. Greek mythology do say that the rose was created by the goddess of love after all… Holding the same symbolism in modern day, the scent of rose is seen as the ultimate token of love and roses represent strong romance. As you wash each other’s bodies with the soap bar, speak loving messages to each other and thank each other for everything you do together. Gratitude is the self-love attitude!


To make him feel fresh: Peppermint Range

A favourite amongst males due to its tingling and refreshing sensation, our Peppermint Range sharpens the mind and awakens the senses – perfect for a morning shower! Featuring organic and fair-trade ingredients, this range really is the best option for human, home and the earth. The Peppermint 18-in-1 soap is great for just about any cleaning task from washing hair, to spritzing the kitchen surfaces. Who wouldn’t love a multi-purpose present for Valentine’s Day? Meanwhile the hand hygiene spray is perfect for on-the-go hygiene.