Refillable Beauty with Dr. Bronner’s

Did you know that each year, around 120 billion units of packaging are produced every year by the beauty industry? While these figures are slowly deteriorating as the sustainable movement takes more shape year on year, we must remember: it’s not just about the changes just a brand makes to their products, but also people being more eco-conscious in their consumption.

As we enter this new year, it has actually never been easier to make sustainable swaps to your beauty routine, as the world around becomes more and attuned to our need to be more planet friendly. With more reusable and refillable options on the market than ever before, a necessity for anyone’s (eco) beauty radar is our liquid castile soaps, perfect for washing the body, clothes, hair or event pets.

Making sustainability stylish, easy and affordable, our 18-in-1 soaps come in 5 different sizes and 10 scents. For both a wallet and environmentally friendly swap, initially purchase one of the four smaller sizes and simply refill the contents using one of the 3.8 litre bottles. Helping you to cut down on excess plastic and packaging, this easy yet effective swap could save up to a year’s worth of bottles from going to landfill.

As you’ll likely know, all of our packaging is made from post-consumer recycled bottles and while already in circulation, we provide a new purpose for existing plastic. We would also encourage you to reuse your empties by getting creative and repurposing the bottle for another use. See below for some of our favourite ideas:

All-purpose kitchen spray:

  • Grate 35g of bar soap (any scent but choose citrus for a fresh zing!)
  • Melt soap in 500ml of boiling water
  • Pour into a jug and leave to cool
  • Decant into the old bottle

Glass cleaner:

  • Fill the bottle with half vinegar and half water
  • Use Dr. Bronner’s soap to scrub for finishing touches