World Kindness Day

13th November marks World Kindness Day, and after the past couple of years and the #BeKind movement, its safe to say that we could all use a little more kindness in our lives!

We are incredibly proud to support some fantastic organisations in the UK that are dedicated to helping the welfare of others, animals and the environment. We asked our three All-One partners what kindness meant to them, and think they came up with some fantastic answers that we can all apply to our own lives.

Emmaus Brighton

“Serve first those who suffer most”

Emmaus supports people to work their way out of homelessness, provide purpose as well as a stable home for as long as someone needs it. In the past 22 years Emmaus Brighton & Hove has provided a unique solution to combatting homelessness to over 1,200 Companions (residents), many of whom have complex needs. They have a fantastic community down in Brighton where the café and shops also raise money for their cause. Andy Hobbs who is the Retail Operations Manager at Emmaus Brighton says “I have seen more acts of kindness in my eight years at Emmaus than I have in the rest of my 52 years”

Surge Activism

Compassion can not only unite us globally as a human society but also build stronger movements aiming at extending mindless, love and care to all living beings”

Founded in 2016, Surge is a grassroots animal rights organisation determined to create a world where compassion towards all non-human animals is the norm. Raising awareness through campaigns, online content, educational programmes and investigative work, Surge is committed to positive community building, teamwork, and the abolition of animal use, where all animals are free from human-inflicted oppression and violence. Surge focuses on vegan education, as they believe it is that through veganism that we’ll collectively end the oppression of non-human animals. They go on to say “To Surge, kindness means showing the world that our compassion extends to some of the most exploited and vulnerable among us: animals. We need to accept that animals, just like humans, are sentient, feel pain, can suffer, and deserve to live lives full of love as much as humans do. Every day we can choose between being cruel or kind to animals when making food choices or buying ethically made items.  Our vision is of a future where compassion towards all non-human animals is the norm. So, why not choose to be kind to all non-human animals and humans every day?”

Less Plastic

“We believe in being kind to people and planet. In fact we believe that if people are kind to the planet and spend more time in nature ultimately they will be kinder to each other too!”

Less Plastic is a family-run, non-profit organisation based on the South Devon coast in the UK. The family spend a lot of time on the beach, but hate seeing the plastic rubbish that washes up with every tide. It was after one particularly bad storm, that the scale of plastic waste strewn across the entire beach saddened the family so much that they set up Less Plastic. After learning how to use less plastic as a family they have developed information and practical tips to help others to reduce their plastic waste too.