Dr. Bronner’s Christmas Gift Guide

Supporting eco-conscious brands this Christmas has never been more important, and better yet, it’s never been easier. Every swap this festive season, however big or small, will help to make a positive impact on our environment. So, here is some inspiration for the Dr. Bronner’s gifts that will make your loved ones feel special this season without costing the earth.

Peppermint Range – RRP from £3.75, available on www.drbronner.co.uk

Go candy cane crazy this Christmas with our Peppermint Range. Cooling, refreshing and festive, this skincare range really is the best option for human, home and the earth. Perfect as part of an eco-ho-ho stocking or gifted as a complete set, this range includes a multi-purpose liquid soap, body lotion, lip balm and hand hygiene spray.

Leaving loved ones feeling tingly fresh all through the festive season, each product is made with organic and fair-trade ingredients.


Lavender Bundle – RRP £23.49, available on www.very.co.uk

With over 21 million people receiving at least one unwanted gift every Christmas (some of which are simply thrown away, not even regifted, sold or given to charity*), this bundle is the perfect festive gift. Sure to be used up one way or another, the eco-friendly range will make any loved one feel special without damaging the earth! Featuring a large liquid castile soap, a bar soap and a hand hygiene spray, each product is delicately scented with warming lavender.


Cherry Blossom Bundle – RRP £32.99, available on www.littlewoods.co.uk

With multi-usage for the hair, skin and even face, these 100% natural and vegan soaps will sweeten up any skincare regime. Not only that, but their millennial pink aesthetic also make them super shelfie worthy! Inspired by the Japanese national flower, this range enchants the senses with its sweet floral aroma. Combining organic certified and fair-trade certified coconut, olive and hemp oils, both products pamper the skin with a moisturising, soft and smooth lather. The bar soap is ideal for on-the-go skincare while the liquid castile soap is an at-home shower essential.

All of our packaging is made from post-consumer recycled bottles and while already in circulation, we provide a new purpose for existing plastic. We also encourage users to reuse bottles with larger bottles of liquid soap for decanting or by getting creative and repurposing the bottle for another use.

Some other easy swaps to make Christmas gifting eco-friendlier:

  • Use recyclable gift paper
  • Avoid cellotape and instead use recyclable string
  • Save any non-damaged paper and reuse next year!