Family-friendly favourites for freshening up!

With many stars opening up about their sometimes controversial hygiene habits, here at Dr. Bronner’s, we are certainly in #TeamWash! Whilst we’re not here to judge anyone, we can understand how having a busy family life as well as juggling other things can make bath time seem like a chore. So, we are here to provide some easy freshen up tips for families.

With certified organic and fair-trade ingredients, our Baby Unscented Pure Castile Liquid Soap works for the whole family, even the most sensitive skins including four-legged furry friends! Suited for youngsters (including babies) and adults alike, this soap has no added fragrances and double the olive oil concentration of our other scents. Infused with healing jojoba oil, coconut oil and vitamin E, this gentle soap completely moisturises the skin, leaving it smooth, fresh and clean.

Making shower or bath time simple and pain-free (thank us later parents!), this great value 18-in-1 soap can be used to wash the face, body, hair and even teeth. Saving money and time for families, the single soap can replace numerous bulky bottles of body wash, shampoos and conditioners.

This Baby Unscented Liquid Soap is the only product that Lisa has in her bathroom and it’s been working wonders for her family for years. She shares her tips on how to wash each part of the body with baby unscented:

  • For the body: Apply a small squirt of baby unscented on a wet cloth and lather away. You can pre-dilute the soap but I don’t tend to as I find the water from the shower/bath does that for me
  • For the face: In wet hands, use two to three drops of baby unscented and massage onto the face. Wash away with a wet cloth
  • For the hair: I have long, thick hair and ½ Tbsp is enough to wash my hair but use as much or as little as you need for your hair type.

And that’s it. That’s really all she has in her shower on a daily basis. Happy family washing!