Post Lockdown Essentials

As we emerge from lockdown and begin our journey to a life back to semi-normality, taking extra care when it comes to hygiene will continue to be crucial, particularly when on-the-go and using public transport. We’ve put together Dr. Bronner’s top post-lockdown essentials to help you on your way:

Hand hygiene is paramount when it comes to preventing the spread of bacteria. Make sure you’re stocked up on hand soap and ensure you’re washing your hands regularly, particularly after being in public places. Our Organic Pump Soaps help to keep skin nourished, hydrated and smooth even after frequent washing. Combined with white grape juice and organic coconut-olive-hemp oils, for a creamy lather, this is a much gentler alternative on the skin than those containing with harsh chemicals. For those in doubt of our softening abilities, check this post from Jeffrey Jason who suffered with terrible dry cracked skin from excessive washing, but found Dr. Bronner’s soap relieved all his symptoms!

A trusty hand sanitiser will continue to be your go-to to keep germs at bay, especially when soap and water aren’t available. Our Hand Hygiene Spray is perfect travel size that kills germs with gentle ingredients in a simple formula: 62% Organic Ethanol, Water and Organic Glycerin. Choose from uplifting peppermint or soothing lavender to keep you clean when out and about. The hand hygiene spray can also be used as a surface spray, perfect for cleaning desks and phones.

Face coverings are still going to be required when heading out and about so it’s important to clean these after every use. Try Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Castile Soap for a delicate yet effective watch. Either wash in a sink of water on its own or pop in the washing machine with 118ml of castile soap in the scent of your choice. This will ensure that your face mask is doing the best job it can to protect you.