A Non-Toxic Spring Clean

As the days start to get lighter and the weather milder, there’s nothing like Spring Cleaning to make you feel good!  Dr. Emmanuel Bronner believed that if you had a problem in your life, cleaning your house from top to toe would instantly help you feel better.

Why not try Dr. Bronner’s multi-purpose Pure-Castile Liquid Soap and choose your favourite scent? Boasting 18 uses in just one bottle and available in a choice of 7 scents and unscented, the organic and vegan liquid soap is suitable for household tasks from washing dishes, laundry, surfaces to even cleaning our furriest friends!

With a non-toxic formula, the natural fragrance is safe for all the family. Helping to provide an uplifting alternative to traditional scents this spring, the Citrus-Orange scent is the perfect zesty aroma for the upcoming season. But with any of the Pure-Castile Liquid Soaps, dilution is key and Lisa Bronner has created a handy guide to help!


Depending on how you’d like to use the soap, each dilution varies to create the ideal solution.

  • Dishes: 1 part soap to 10 parts water
  • Mopping: 120ml of soap mixed with 12 litres of hot water
  • Laundry: 118ml cup of soap for a large load
  • All-purpose cleaning: 60ml of soap in 946ml water in a spray bottle
  • Windows: 15ml soap mixed with 1 litre of water in a spray bottle

To download Lisa’s full cheat sheet, visit Castile-Dilution-Cheat-Sheet-v1.pdf (lisabronner.com)

To shop the full range of liquid soaps, visit your nearest stockist or shop online here Dr Bronner UK | Organic and Fair Trade Soap | DrBronnerUK