Looking forward to 2021

Have you heard about our Cosmic Principles?

Our Cosmic Principles define our most important relationships and guide us in everything we do, from soapmaking to peace-making. At the end of the year we always like to remind ourselves of these as we prepare for the new year ahead.  For 2021 we’d love to share our principles with you.

Work hard! Grow

Number one in Dr. Bronner’s Moral ABC: Work hard! Prosper! Learn, grow, improve. Success is the engine that makes everything else possible. This goes beyond New Year’s resolutions and setting goals to achieve. We believe we should always be growing and finding ways in which we can become better people. Be kind always, learn and educate yourself and become the best version of your self you possibly can.

Do right by customers

First ingredient: love! Lead with heart, take time, give best—serve customers as you would serve mother-daughter-son. After all, our customers are the reason we are here so we want to ensure we are always doing the best we can for them. It’s also a great principle to take into our personal lives. Treat everyone with the same respect as you would give your best friend.

Treat employees like family

Be kind, reward generously, support good and healthy living. Seek and encourage the best in one another. For whatever unites us is greater than whatever divides us! As a family business, this is so important to us. Remember that we are not put on the Earth to work ourselves into the ground, so creating a warm working environment and striking a healthy work life balance is key. Make sure you’re balancing your life and enjoying what is important. Take time to be with family, enjoy days unwinding and sitting with yourself and make sure you’re having a regular reset.

Be fair to suppliers

Build relationships with organic farmers and producers to create equitable supply chains. Fair prices for farmers, living wages and excellent working conditions for workers, investment in communities, respect for land and people! We want to continue building these relationships and contribute to a world where everyone is being rewarded for their work fairly.

Treat the earth like home

Make humble and mindful use of the earth’s gifts. Do not waste, do not harm the land or people or animals. What comes from the earth must go back! Any changes you can make in the new year whether they be big or small will contribute to our fight to save the planet. Be more mindful of the way you treat the Earth and this will help contribute to your daily living.

Fund & Fight for what’s right

Be an engine for positive change—share profits, share talent, share muscle, share voice—give & give, fund & fight! We are delighted to be working with some new All-One UK Initiatives in 2021 which we will be revealing soon.