Treat the Earth Like Home

For the remainder of August and into September, we are once again running the Treat the Earth Like Home marketing campaign to encourage best practices for hygiene and personal care when exploring nature and the great outdoors.

Due to Covid-19 and restrictions on travel, UK holiday makers may be looking closer to home for their 2020 getaways, whether it’s escaping to one of our many national parks, camping on a beach or just taking a bit of time out to explore your local area.

Throughout the company’s history, backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts have been known to take our multi-use soap on trips and long hikes outdoors because of its safe, effective, and biodegradable ingredients. In our home country of America we are so well-established that the country’s National Park Service mentions Dr. Bronner’s as the only brand of soap recommended on a packing list for those who are planning to explore the Grand Canyon National Park, one of the most significant natural wonders in North America.

Due to our iconic biodegradable soaps, Dr. Bronner’s creates concentrated, plant-based, multi-use personal care products that are non-toxic, effective, and safe for families as well as the Earth.
Our biodegradable castile soaps are GREAT for camping because you can clean your
• Body
• Hair
• teeth (yes, it tastes like soap)
• clothing
• pots/pans/utensils
• shoes
• tent/gear
• Fruits & veggies
• pets (Peppermint oil can help repel fleas & ticks!)

Please honour Leave No Trace principles by washing & bathing at least 200ft away from water.

We will be running several promotions throughout the “Treat the Earth Like Home” campaign, offering discounts across the Hand Hygiene Sprays, Liquid Castile soaps and Sal Suds, all of which are kind to the environment. These promotions will be available on selected weekends on